November 4, 2010
Me and J.D.

Me and J.D.

Me and J.D. is currently on hold and not available.  More information to follow at a later date.


“Death Stalks the Rangers” Released!

November 2, 2010
Death Stalks the Rangers

Death Stalks the Rangers

Dancing Fox Publishing is proud to announce that James Griffin’s latest book, “Death Stalks the Rangers” has been released. You’ll be able to order the book at our website.  The cost of the book is $14.95 and it’s an excellent traditional Western.  If you like Texas and cowboys, you’re sure to love this book.

Me and J.D.

September 19, 2010

Me and JD

Me and JD


Me and J.D.

Coming Soon from Dancing Fox Publishing

(Cover may vary after publishing)

“Me and J.D.,” a novel of 91,725 words, tells the tale of two young boys enjoying life to its fullest as they grow into men.  They go on a snipe hunt, shoot four holes in the bottom of a borrowed rowboat, wreck a hay truck, get injured cutting cord wood, fall from the second story of a house while roofing, and much more. 

Like most young Southern boys, they spend their free time pulling practical jokes, swimming, hunting and fishing, except the night they go camping and discover a Ku Klux Klan meeting.  Seeing a black captive of the group, Paul is able to divert the Klan away from the site long enough for J.D. to release the man.  

Then, fearing for their lives, they hop a train with a hobo and make their way to New Orleans.  Once in the city, train detectives catch them and they’re made to realize the Klan could not have seen them under the cover of darkness.  

The book continues with J.D. winning the Heisman Trophy in college and then off to Vietnam with Paul, because they feel an obligation to their country.   It is during the horrors of war the two become men and see things that affect them for the rest of their lives.  The war also makes their friendship stronger.  Calling a napalm drop on his own position, J.D. is awarded the Silver Star, while Paul receives the Bronze Star for his role in the battle. 

Using the publicity of both, the Heisman and the Silver Star, J.D. enters the civil rights movement and politics.  The day he is elected as a Mississippi senator, his parents die in an accidental house fire.  J.D. becomes more determined to see both races live together in peace, in memory of his mother and father. 

J.D. lives to see his work achieved and dies with Paul by his side.  Paul, unable or unwilling to accept the death of his life-long friend, struggles to live on his own.  It is only with the help of God he is able to continue a few years.

This manuscript shows the difficulty some Americans had, and many still have, in maintaining friendships with anyone other than their own race. Our goal in writing this book is to show people can be friends and love each other, regardless of any other factors, except acceptance.  

Strong characters, suspense, accurate dialog, clean Southern humor, religion, and almost non-stop action add strength to this already exciting manuscript.

Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide

September 18, 2010


Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide

Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide

 Simple Survival A Family Outdoors Guide

Coming Soon!

Wilderness Survival

by: Gary L. Benton

Once lost in the woods, wilderness survival is difficult and the gear you have with you is all you’ll have to help you stay alive. Without gear, a fire, shelter, food and water, or the needed skills, you may very well die.

While this type of survival may be difficult, it can be simple if you use the simple survival approach. Remember, wilderness situations are tricky and so can be many emergency positions, but you can survive with proper outdoor information and it can be learned. A survival kit will help, as does reading information on how to survive in articles, survival tips and just making an effort to learn survival.

Learn what to pack in your survival kit before you venture on an outdoor trek and learn all the tricks and tips you can before leaving home. If you’re properly prepared by carrying the proper survival gear, being mentally prepared, and learning all you can, your survival situation may still be rough rough. However, it improves your chances of being rescued alive.

Simple Survival teaches wilderness survival and the Author is a retired Air Force Sergeant. Learn about wilderness survival and update your outdoor knowledge at and be sure to purchase a copy of this award winning book soon.

New Survival Book to be Released.

September 14, 2010
Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide

Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide

 REVISED August of 2010

Simple Survival: A Family Outdoors Guide

Award Winning Author: Gary L. Benton

Reviewer: Bill McDonald – MWSA President

“A Straight-forward Must Have Survival Book!”

 Price: Not determined yet, but around $15.00 and with over 400 pages of infomation.

Retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant and survivor expert Gary Benton has written the best outdoor guide for families – bar none, that I have read! “Simple Survival – A Family Outdoors Guide” is more than a book – it is an outdoor resource bible that every family should have a copy of. This is one of those books that you should have in your camping bag along with the tent and other equipment. However, reading it at home before you go off on some outdoor adventure would be a great help when potential situations happen.

This book is more than just a camper’s manual as it deals with surviving terrorism as well as how to handle bears, snakes and a host of other events and situations. One chapter which I found to be good sound (and yet simple) advice is called “Ten Rules You Can Survive By!”

Benton has written many articles on survive that have appeared in magazines and on web pages across the globe – in this book he has taken all of his best advice that he has gathered over the years and put it altogether in one handy format.

There is one chapter that deals with the greatest fears that all parents have – having your child get lost in the woods. This is a must read for parents. This information needs to be shared with all their children so they know what to do in the event of getting lost or separated from their parents or the campsite. This is the kind of information that you hope you never need to put into use – but if the situation does happen you will have increased the chances of a more positive outcome if everyone follows the suggestions for survival as outlined in that chapter.

It is evident that Gary Benton knows what he is talking about. When you check on his training records you will find that he has graduated from some of the military’s best classes that included surviving in the Artic, water (Sea and Ocean), mountain, and jungle environments. He is the expert and you can trust your life on that!

The MWSA book review committee found that this was the best book on survival skills and advice that they have reviewed. It is in a league of its own! I give this the MWSA’s highest recommendation and rating. A MUST BUY FOR ALL AGE GROUPS!

Silver Medal Winner

Silver Medal Winner

2005 Silver Medal Award for Reference & Guide Books!

Death Stalks the Rangers

September 12, 2010
Death Stalks the Rangers

Death Stalks the Rangers

James J. Griffin is the author of the Texas Rangers Jim Blawcyzk and Cody Havlicek series of western novels.  Griffin is a lifelong horseman, Western enthusiast, and unofficial historian of the Texas Rangers.  He has contributed an extensive collection of Texas Ranger artifacts to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas.

Learn more about James J. Griffin at .


When Texas Ranger Thad Dutton’s horse brings his body back to his Ranger Company’s headquarters, young Ranger Sean Kennedy is ordered to find Dutton’s killer.  Along with his partner, Levi Mallory, Kennedy sets out on a quest which will cover much of south Texas.  A quest which will lead the pair into a web of danger and deceit, where sudden death might arrive from the most unexpected quarters.

Sean had covered about seven blocks before his lawman’s instinct warned him of trouble. He stopped and turned, peering into the darkness of the unlit street.

A voice called from a side alley.

“Hey, Ranger! Remember me?”

Sean’s right hand dropped to the butt of his Colt.

What people are saying about “Death Stalks the Rangers”

“James J. Griffin provides another exciting Western adventure in Death Stalks the Rangers, as new hero Sean Kennedy uses fast guns and fists, along with a keen intellect, to solve the mystery of a fellow Texas Ranger’s murder. As always, Griffin gives the reader plenty of action, colorful characters, and a vivid sense of the Texas frontier.”

James Reasoner, author of Texas Wind and numerous other novels.

“A thrilling ride through the Texas Hill Country. Each page takes you back to the days when the good guys always won, as it should be. I’d bet a hat on it!”

Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins of Company A.

We have a printer!

September 10, 2010
Me and J.D.

Soon to be Released!

We’ve a printer and working on 3 books we hope to have published before the Christmas Holidays!  The books are, Me and J.D., Simple Survival, and Death Stalks the Rangers.

We are excited and ready to go.